A comprehensive approach & complete transparency

myGaru's technological stack is hyper-effective in the post-cookie Era and covers all aspects of the digital advertising ecosystem (eg. DSP, SSP, HBP, DMP). myGaru is independent from unsecure oRTB and completely aligned with GDPR. Finally, all market participants have a path to deal transparently through validated log level data.

myGaru disrupts monopolies by guaranteeing equal access to legally obtained anonymized data of real users and has built a shared ecosystem that directs selected revenue to charities chosen by users. After decades of allowed fraud and grey market transactions that put profit ahead of users’ rights, companies have the potential to establish a trusted win-win relationship with society.

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of consumers are willing to share their data to enable a personalized experience (Accenture)


of UK citizens concern about how private data is being shared with third parties (YouGov for myGaru)


of consumers say they only engage with personalised messaging tailored to their interests (Forrester)


Build ad campaigns using myGaru DSP

  • Effective targeting without using risky third-party data.
  • Full ad cycle connected directly with real users eliminates fraud and leads to meaningful impressions.
  • Transparent commissions and an absence of multiple intermediaries.
  • Separate seat for every advertiser.
  • Open source bidding code and validated log level data.
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Integrate myGaru SSP or HBP

  • Publisher’s revenue share is finally transparent and respectful.
  • myGaru’s peerless targeting leads to revenue growth.
  • The unique way to effectively utilise undervalued traffic from small and mid-size publishers.
  • Outstanding ability to identify users in the post-cookie era.
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Return the personal data to the real owners and be rewarded

App developers, e-commerce and even offline businesses can return personal data to its rightful owner through myGaru. This unlocks a new legal path to sustainable revenue that protects a user’s rights to their own data.

myGaru partners can receive anonymised insights about audience with rewards for collaboration with a user-centric model.


Integrate with myGaru

Apps, publishers and other sites integrate with myGaru and return personal data to myGaru users.


Users monetize their data

myGaru uses own real-time bidding ad servers, enabling users to monetise their data in a safe and privacy-preserving way.


myGaru takes a commission

myGaru takes a fee when user data is used for targeting by third parties.


Partners receive their cut

myGaru shares the commission with businesses that transferred applicable data.

Data protection and privacy legislation map


of everything users watch on Netflix is a personalized recommendation (Netflix)


of consumers purchases on Amazon come from product recommendations (McKinsey)


Create innovative services

The myGaru ecosystem strives to create an environment of equal access and the legal use of anonymized personal data to further the goals of business while respecting the rights of the individual.

The power for developers to personalize user experience without entering legal or moral gray areas allows businesses to deliver the best of both worlds. A personalized experience that does not sacrifice personal freedom.

Data scientists

Train and market AI/ML models

myGaru’s goal is to separate ML models developers from direct access to end-users’ data. Thus, decentralised models’ development is based on a specialized, privacy-centric environment. Differential privacy is the key approach to ensure mathematically-provable GDPR compliance.

Deterministic identifiers, standardised data and comprehensive ads placement options deliver unique opportunities for data-scientists. Partners can present fine-tuned AI/ML algorithms worldwide via myGaru DSPs as the ad campaign ML models marketplace.

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Equal access to personal data controlled by the individuals opens amazing opportunities in the new Era of human-centric digital services.

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Transparency and Visibility in a distributed Adtech ecosystem

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