Your Data
is Personal

The only  tool you need to manage,
protect and make the most out of your personal data

Own and manage
your personal data

myGaru empowers you to import your data from companies storing your personal information and gives you back control. Learn More

Control  the ads you see online

See only the ads that matter to you and change what you see with your changing behavior preferences.

Make  money from your data while staying anonymous

myGaru uses its own ad server, enabling you to monetize your data without revealing personal details. Learn More

Contribute to a better world

With its human-centric mission, myGaru aspires to direct the financial gains from personal data monetization to the needs of humanity. Learn More

myGaru is  your legal partner in the battle for privacy

myGaru uses the highest legal standards with support from leading law firms. We’ll exercise your legal rights to prevent the unauthorised processing, resale and use of your personal data by thousands of invisible organizations.

No more data sharing when you accept those annoying cookie pop-ups on a website. We'll ensure that your data remains private even if you are forced to accept a cookie.


Sign in and browse with speed and security

Access your favourite websites with the click of a button. myGaru Secure Sign in lets you access your favourite websites quickly and with complete identity protection while still allowing you to manage your communication preferences.

Your selected services will deliver a personalized experience while you are guaranteed anonymity and security with myGaru as your personal data firewall.

For Partners

myGaru's technological stack is hyper-effective in the post-cookie Era and covers all aspects of the digital advertising ecosystem (eg. DSP, SSP, HBP, DMP). myGaru is independent from unsecure oRTB and completely aligned with GDPR. Finally, all market participants have a path to deal transparently through validated log level data.  

Equal access to anonymous, encrypted and untraceable personal data, with explicit control by individuals is the disruption that ad tech has been waiting for.


About Us

myGaru is a dynamic team of experts who are leaders in their chosen fields and united in a mission to transform internet to a human-centric place.

Utilising its human-centric mission, myGaru aspires to direct the financial flow from personal data monetization to the needs of humanity defined by ours users.

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Know your data protection rights

Right to restrict processing

Right to data portability

Right to erasure

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