Privileged & Confidential

myGaru End User Authorisation


I authorise myGaru to be my data champion and to exercise the following of my legal rights on my behalf, until I withdraw my authorisation. The authorisations below will be necessary to enable us to provide our service to you, if you would prefer not to provide any of the below authorisations, we will unfortunately not be able to offer the myGaru service to you.

Right of access

This is your right to request access to all data a third party holds about you

Right of erasure

This is your right to have the third party delete the data they hold about you

Right of data portability

This is your right to have your data transferred from one third party to another

Right to object to processing

This is your right to object to certain processing of your data, such as its usage for direct marketing or profiling

Right to restrict processing

this is your right to restrict the ways in which a third party uses your data (where we have evidence that the data is being used unlawfully)
If you would like to know more about each of these rights, please feel free to contact myGaru for further information.

Your authorisation is for us to act on your behalf to contact any third party that processes your personal data for online advertising and exercise your rights on your behalf. Some of your rights are qualified, meaning that they are not absolute rights and the legal rights of the third party may override your rights. We cannot therefore guarantee the result or that your rights will always be fully exercised or respected by a third party.