The Human-Centric Approach as a way to create a New Vision

May 12, 2020

The global economy is in the middle of a perfect storm full of uncertainties and turbulence. We are adrift with no new ideas for valid approaches to economic operations. We base most principles on financial KPIs to meet the requirements of growth demanded by shareholders. The existing vision is complex and rough — full of irregularity. However, there was no need to make order of that roughness. Mergers and acquisitions have delivered positive outcomes. For example, process optimisation and resource aggregation. The irregularities or bugs in the existing models have been concealed by emphasizing crisis cycles and manual actions by authorities. The current model has reached its peak and become a barrier to further evolution. The predatory instincts to carve out and dominate lead to burnout. Therefore, the economic system loses the creative energy which is inherent to small entrepreneurs. The system which has developed is based on total control and with competitors divided by high fences. It is outdated and will be replaced by the inevitable evolutionary process.

The elephant in the room is personal data.

Most business is data driven. That is why data is considered the new oil. As the myGaru founder, my goal is not to attain all the pieces of the value chain like the current market leaders have done. My vision is to use a data administrator business model to create a human centric business, with mission implementation as the main KPI. It brings a fantastic synergy of experts and businesses. The decentralised system of teams leads to a blast wave. Equal access to personal data, with explicit control by individuals, is the common denominator in the ecosystem we create. This approach leads to a significant area for booming and fair competition. Creative focus and intellect are the base, instead of accessibility to data and other resources as seen before. We direct all the myGaru power to the needs of humanity and really believe that we deliver a perfect answer as to how innovative human-centric businesses should look in the 21st century.